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Spirits of Light
Short Name: Spirit Chapter: http://alliancemedd.ucoz.ua Type : Chaos
Web : http://alliancemedd.ucoz.ua Guildmaster : STaFF 33276fa Location: 2157,186,0
Spirits of Light politic:
War:   B.o.G     SoD     =mma=     FoD     lw     =BF=     SoI     CCCP     SPQR     JoGa     Rain     HoV     none     Diver     Rise     DiW     Ungor     SS         Vsa     Xeth     Rasta     Ellar     HoE     =KoJ=     Rage     JaGG     Gz     ToS     -A-     Evil     Ice     Narcos     GoD  
Alliance:   Xeth     =MeD=     ToS  
Spirits of Light members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Salmonella 49a34bd Salmonella,   Member3612242508266216 647 days
2 Mr X 53d0737 The Renowned Mr X,   Member36122145255-100044 338 days
3 Big Bad Wolf 56da92b The Illustrious Big Bad Wolf,   Member3609545480696608 467 days
4 Melissa 56da979 The Illustrious Melissa,   Member3609655541686205 647 days
5 Ludwig 57e9c0f The Famed Ludwig,   Member3609394867692604 647 days
6 Goloom c1b427 The Notable Goloom,   Member3604073170100328 583 days
7 Criminal 53f65ad The Notable Criminal,   Member34425431618-36404 647 days
8 XCX 27646b6 The Renowned XCX,   Member36115735052-149029 519 days
9 America 50f899a The Illustrious America,   Member33333365260661209 238 days
10 Denis 2ddf76e The Eminent Denis, Guild-BoSS-CBU-   Member3614825534914180200 84 days
11 Diros 4ced263 The Famed Diros,   Member361312639828321029 256 days
12 DuomO 59e30b4 The Commendable DuomO,   Member3408011354692600 647 days
13 EpeTuK 10b0c2c The Distinguished EpeTuK,   Member3613957993711930313 501 days
14 Roza  24d11d7 The Evil Emperor Roza ,   Member361302014581867849286 622 days
15 OpApa 58eae0a The Honest OpApa,   Member361694942964900 293 days
16 MasterSun 49a3a5b The Renowned MasterSun, old Guildmaster   Member36128708885-100023 294 days
17 Ira 4e69449 The Notable Ira,   Member361229320060013 633 days
18 Katrin 53bc4cd Katrin,   Member361584855-10006 321 days
19 Astel 53bc4df The Renowned Astel,   Member3615796953004 321 days
20 Mungo Deepdelver 1d5f9bb The Notable Mungo Deepdelver,   Member361448318655111151 198 days
21 mer 6b67529 The Illustrious mer,   Member36110736949860400 224 days
22 STaFF 33276fa The Evil Emperor STaFF, Guildmaster   GuildMaster361446824146127906394 6 days

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