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Way to Freedom
Short Name: wtf Chapter: Memory Keeper Type : Standart
Web : http://wtf-aop.at.ua Guildmaster : Dio  2de1118 Location: 2606,152,0
Way to Freedom politic:
War:   Dead     Ice  
Way to Freedom members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Dio  2de1118 The Illustrious Dio , Guildmaster   GuildMaster36043215895782605online
2 Agent 12aaa3c The Respectable Agent, Master Healer   Member3612508223324970103online
3 Elladan 3d2e33f The Serial Killer Elladan, Son of the ElvenKing   Member361482537231503926 7 hours
4 Firiat 418e2e4 The Admirable Firiat,   Member361332734593652014online
5 Lera 43fe428 Lera, Master Blacksmith   Member33020867952604 226 days
6 Paris 621595f The Renowned Paris, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3316845954-10002 226 days
7 bebux 48b27ff bebux, Expert Healer   Member3341177404-5016 226 days
8 Skif 48b2879 Skif, Adept Healer   Member3341109186-9909 226 days
9 Bepa 52b561c Bepa, Master Swordsman   Member32484819002 226 days
10 PuertoRico 65b61c0 The Honest PuertoRico, Adept Healer   Member3401294815692600 226 days
11 Biba 66bb130 The Honest Biba, Adept Healer   Member361900203682600 9 days
12 Brad Pitt 6636909 Brad Pitt, Master Healer   Member35881719-10000 225 days
13 Johnny Depp 66368e7 The Famed Johnny Depp, Master Healer   Member3608173688692600 215 days
14 Jaina Proudmoor 66b8dfa The Illustrious Jaina Proudmoor, Master Healer   Member36110235360672600 34 hours
15 Kadgar 66b8e1c The Famed Kadgar, Master Healer   Member36110584893692600 225 days
16 Karlo 66369b4 The Illustrious Karlo, Adept Healer   Member3617885619692601 225 days
17 Legolas 65ce991 The Commendable Legolas, Master Healer   Member36113951436592600 32 hours
18 Aragorn 6725087 The Illustrious Aragorn, Grandmaster Healer   Member34111225047679500 32 hours
19 Boba 66bb13a The Good Boba, Adept Healer   Member3619671191342600 9 days
20 Pedro 66369a8 The Commendable Pedro,   Member3577672494692600 225 days
21 Fingolfin 455d41c The Illustrious Lord Fingolfin, King of the Noldor   Member361280519000961400 38 hours
22 Harvy 6bb4c5b The Famed Harvy,   Member36121774617669201 162 days
23 Rose 4882909 The Illustrious Lord Rose, Headliner   Member361255012412803808 152 days
24 Chepka 24c4860 The Illustrious Chepka, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3614588958677260196 40 hours

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