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Icewind Dale
Short Name: Ice Chapter: In Sylvan Shadows Type : Standart
Web : http://icewind.ucoz.net Guildmaster : Floyd 4360ab7 Location: 3966,260,0
Icewind Dale politic:
War:   Rain     Spirit     =MeD=     HoE     JaGG     ToS     CCCP     FoD     Rage     Ungor     =BF=     Gz     Evil     Rise     -A-     KE     SPQR     Xeth     Blood     Ellar     Narcos     DiW     GoD     wtf  
Alliance:   Dead  
Icewind Dale members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Faerwyss 5a2217c The Notable Faerwyss, old Guildmaster   Member36136372137-175115 6 days
2 Eilistraee 4122bc The Illustrious Lady Eilistraee, Velg'larn   Member36148251454888260344 2 days
3 Eartherin 14901a The Famed Eartherin, Qu'el'velguk   Member3474587481669220860 6 days
4 Dave cdfb0 The Good Dave,   Member3613583105131640315 12 days
5 soldat  2c1b845 The Famed soldat ,   Member3614825494369140113online
6 KoOsH 536a744 The Honorable KoOsH, Grandmaster Alchemist   Member361350621664043061 7 hours
7 Argentina 64dcbf1 Argentina,   Member3411375134-5300 11 hours
8 Haldeer 8c0402 The Evil Emperor Haldeer,   Member3612793566-791613325 3 days
9 Molly 4eb43e2 The Admirable Molly, Deam!?   Member361428833023291066 121 days
10 Tekkon Kinkreet 904662 The Notable Tekkon Kinkreet,   Member36141512432-2450295 6 days
11 Garibaldi 10d21f1 The Murderer Garibaldi,   Member36120491223486186 30 hours
12 LibrA 15022fc The Murderer LibrA,   Member36122851022-100846404 30 hours
13 LightHeart 34dd3a6 The Notable LightHeart,   Member36131931799-4350392 28 days
14 sanj 2c9d9a1 The Prominent sanj,   Member36136283245-100032 599 days
15 Fuzzihead 3b02e7f The Prominent Fuzzihead,   Member36118824575-32024 28 days
16 Maximus a37ed8 The Commendable Maximus,   Member3614375216051680758 5 days
17 Anoriel 136f020 The Famed Anoriel,   Member3614675301153480370 3 days
18 Mr X 53d0737 The Illustrious Mr X, Grandmaster Healer   Member361221458775792044 4 days
19 Prince 3ba6105 The Serial Killer Prince,   Member35234071875472933 10 hours
20 Ursus 20eaec The Reputable Ursus, Ice Lord   Member3614825257812492825 310 days
21 Dragazhar cf690 The Admirable Dragazhar, Orthaeilharn   Member3494627382831340790 5 hours
22 Elaug 28eea15 The Noble Elaug, Solasse   Member3614327569534330299 5 hours
23 Spartan a6f06a Spartan,   Member348453811982350698 236 days
24 Eclave 5348b28 The Prominent Eclave,   Member36136403189-100076 7 days
25 NikO 36deb7 The Evil Emperor NikO, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member36143411472-14781922325 7 hours
26 RonronesS 3ad2cc8 The Famed RonronesS, Chaos of De'renesS   Member361465539085491086 5 hours
27 WergasS 19d22c1 The Admirable WergasS, Chaos of De'renesS   Member3614825325936061255online
28 Glory 1c42c69 The Famed Glory, Freak Show   Member3614508477478750542 10 hours
29 aiki  2e5493c The Famed aiki ,   Member3614023488678960139 10 hours
30 Real Steel 3ad2d7d The Famed Real Steel,   Member361333948077940065 10 hours
31 ehidna 4043155 The Evil Emperor ehidna,   Member361402615084537231 15 days
32 Kayzer 3b70c3e The Famed Kayzer,   Member3614825295059870281 15 days
33 BORA 4fa8ba8 The Illustrious BORA, Ice Knight   Member361435677257699062 182 days
34 Tony Montana+ 86e1c4 The Evil Emperor Tony Montana+,   Member3533924236816759131005 3 hours
35 Floyd 4360ab7 The Prominent Floyd, Grandmaster Blacksmith   GuildMaster34845763486-2430100 7 hours
36 Sadie 4e40d32 The Renowned Sadie, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member36142778270-193036 8 hours

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