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Icewind Dale
Short Name: Ice Chapter: In Sylvan Shadows Type : Standart
Web : http://icewind.ucoz.net Guildmaster : Faerwyss 5a2217c Location: 3966,260,0
Icewind Dale politic:
War:   Rain     Spirit     =MeD=     HoE     JaGG     ToS     CCCP     FoD     Rage     Ungor     =BF=     Gz     Evil     Rise     -A-     KE     SPQR     Xeth     Blood     Ellar     Narcos  
Alliance:   GoD  
Icewind Dale members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Faerwyss 5a2217c The Notable Faerwyss, Fire and Ice   GuildMaster36136372367-162115 3 days
2 Eilistraee 4122bc The Illustrious Eilistraee, The Dark Maiden   Member3614825883085730344 2 hours
3 Eartherin 14901a The Illustrious Eartherin, Qu'el'velguk   Member3474587592869220859 16 days
4 Dave cdfb0 The Good Dave,   Member3613583105131640315 22 days
5 Ice Lord 723b9d The Evil Emperor Ice Lord,   Member361201352-19468242 5 days
6 soldat  2c1b845 The Famed soldat ,   Member3614825346869260112 45 days
7 Infinity 536a744 The Reputable Infinity, Vress'lvel   Member36135061083720061 10 days
8 Argentina 64dcbf1 Argentina,   Member3411375163-5300 2 days
9 Haldeer 8c0402 The Evil Emperor Haldeer,   Member3612793566-791613325 19 days
10 Molly 4eb43e2 The Admirable Molly, Deam!?   Member361428833023291066 60 days
11 Tekkon Kinkreet 904662 The Prominent Tekkon Kinkreet,   Member36141512659-2680295 14 days
12 Garibaldi 10d21f1 The Evil Dread Murderer Garibaldi,   Member36120492240-726186 3 days
13 LibrA 15022fc The Murderer LibrA,   Member36122851252-100846404 60 mins
14 MasterJedy  270cc84 MasterJedy ,   Member3613167456-60103 5 days
15 LightHeart 34dd3a6 The Notable LightHeart,   Member36131931796-3320392 41 days
16 sanj 2c9d9a1 The Prominent sanj,   Member36136283245-100032 538 days
17 Fuzzihead 3b02e7f The Renowned Fuzzihead,   Member36118825609-100024 14 days
18 Maximus a37ed8 The Commendable Maximus,   Member3614375238253500758 19 days
19 Anoriel 136f020 The Famed Anoriel,   Member3614675301153480370 6 days
20 Battosay 49293b6 The Prominent Battosay,   Member36134123592-100078 26 hours
21 Prince 3ba6105 The Serial Killer Prince,   Member34334071740235933 230 days
22 Dark Jade 5883e7e The Illustrious Lady Dark Jade, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member37048251228487000115online
23 Ursus 20eaec The Reputable Ursus, Ice Lord   Member3614825257812492825 250 days
24 Dragazhar cf690 The Admirable Dragazhar, Orthaeilharn   Member3614627336336100786 76 mins
25 Elaug 28eea15 The Illustrious Elaug, Solasse   Member3614327966477460297 77 mins
26 Spartan a6f06a Spartan,   Member348453811982350698 176 days
27 Eclave 5348b28 The Prominent Eclave,   Member36136403189-100076 50 days
28 Solyaris 49324fc The Admirable Solyaris, Kyorl   Member3613769331535340207 40 hours
29 RonronesS 3ad2cc8 The Famed RonronesS, Chaos of De'renesS   Member361465540096885084 3 days
30 Colt Python 35ac877 The Notable Colt Python,   Member36138041376-24600 41 hours
31 WergasS 19d22c1 The Admirable WergasS, +Flash Back+   Member3584825299843030249 45 days
32 Glory 1c42c69 The Famed Glory, Freak Show   Member3614508492279260541 40 days
33 aiki  2e5493c The Famed aiki ,   Member3614023492679260139 40 days
34 Real Steel 3ad2d7d The Famed Real Steel,   Member361333948617926064 40 days
35 ehidna 4043155 The Evil Emperor ehidna,   Member361402615084537231 53 days
36 Kayzer 3b70c3e The Famed Kayzer,   Member3614825295059870281 53 days
37 BORA 4fa8ba8 The Illustrious BORA, Ice Knight   Member361435677257699062 121 days
38 Tony Montana+ 86e1c4 The Evil Emperor Tony Montana+,   Member35339242392187859151005 100 days
39 Selvetarm 141d1aa The Illustrious Selvetarm, Chaotic Evil   Member2814825642068320337online
40 Quarra 5a2aed7 The Illustrious Lady Quarra,   Member36148251531691770141 31 hours

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