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Knights Enclave
Short Name: KE Chapter: AoP Guildstone Type : Standart
Web : http://www.knightsenclave.3nx.ru Guildmaster : Marcus 5a325c Location: 5457,2879,36
Knights Enclave politic:
War:   -A-     CCCP     Evil     Ice     Narcos     Blood     Ellar  
Knights Enclave members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Gucci 4c9cfc0 Gucci, Grandmaster Archer   Member3582160974907 31 days
2 Dafi 3c5dd35 Dafi, Grandmaster Archer   Member3611050343-8005 357 days
3 Enigma 548d124 Enigma, Adept Healer   Member3461208205003 508 days
4 Anaberi 548cf56 Anaberi, Adept Healer   Member3411209315006 508 days
5 Colin 15393d8 The Admirable Colin, Grandmaster Tinker   Member361297949424963077 62 mins
6 -Nasty- 456a600 -Nasty-, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member361158819-44025 288 days
7 BRUNO 454f34f BRUNO, Grandmaster Burglar   Member3611432500021 288 days
8 GlaZ 35b0b3 The Evil Emperor GlaZ, Adept Blacksmith   Member34432414584-60372807112 236 days
9 Kpoxa b3e76c The Illustrious Kpoxa, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member361360853186377075 202 days
10 Tijey 3b271fd Tijey, Adept Blacksmith   Member3612148486106065 508 days
11 Rakan 1cbf8a7 The Commendable Rakan, Grandmaster Alchemist   Member3603825214469260131 229 days
12 BunkeR 57b9a5 The Ignoble BunkeR, Grandmaster Alchemist   Member36141213074-21090335 28 days
13 TAMERLAN 78f7bc The Illustrious TAMERLAN, Grandmaster Healer   Member361279760366926083 3 days
14 orPtica  2822773 The Illustrious orPtica , Master Healer   Member361171161436980033 334 days
15 Emily 60d4d2c The Kind Emily, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3401023122244100 508 days
16 Nessa 60d4ca2 The Kind Nessa, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3411025191197700 508 days
17 Mira 619e15a The Kind Mira, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member341983999247201 4 days
18 Nuri 619e206 The Kind Nuri, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member341934606214701 16 days
19 Petya dc08b The Glorious Petya, Adept Alchemist   Member3612977923210000037 31 days
20 DJ efe5c The Famed DJ, Grandmaster Warrior   Member34123643969666602 31 days
21 -Layden- 61a2338 The Illustrious -Layden-, Master Healer   Member34113295760694003 3 days
22 Marcus 5a325c The Proper Marcus, Grandmaster Blacksmith   GuildMaster3614526258921980146 4 hours
23 SIMS  21fea7a The Eminent SIMS , Grandmaster Alchemist   Member361404489861932070 55 days
24 Nikolo 67f846a The Honorable Nikolo, Master Swordsman   Member3286771351378700 288 days
25 Mikolo 67f847d The Good Mikolo, Master Swordsman   Member331675347343800 288 days
26 Butus 67de29e The Honest Butus, Master Swordsman   Member343693118699300 288 days
27 Parapet 67de30b The Honest Parapet, Master Swordsman   Member34469519697900 288 days

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