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Bloody Way
Short Name: Blood Chapter: Bloody Guildstone Type : Standart
Web : http://bloody-way.kiev.ua Guildmaster : York 308336d Location: 816,819,0
Bloody Way politic:
War:   =KoJ=     Rain     n.o.t     HoV     R.I.P.     lw     JaGG     DiW     FoD     =BF=     SoD     =CN=     Acid     none     new     B.o.G     Ungor     -GD-     F.B.I.     SS     SoI     =mma=     Spirit     Rise     SPQR     Diver     JoGa         Vsa     Xeth     Ice     -A-     =MeD=     ESS     Narcos     KE     GoD     Ellar     Rage  
Alliance:   Acid  
Bloody Way members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Amdir 1127f5 Amdir, Bloody Mage   Member3603736121501423 729 days
2 ARSI 580630 The Prominent ARSI, Bloody Archer   Member36143363831400152 729 days
3 RenameMe 3b6834c RenameMe, Bloody Warrior   Member34732188510082 231 days
4 Shovkovskiy 66be4a9 The Renowned Shovkovskiy, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3318415533-10000 229 days
5 Ann Apple 632f40c The Disreputable Ann Apple, Bloody Mage   Member36146261455-119301 21 days
6 Niagara 2d3270e The Famed Niagara, Bloody Mage   Member361319644886895043 21 days
7 Bandit 197ce99 The Illustrious Bandit, Bloody Warrior   Member3614596577569260111 210 days
8 Viconia 31b131e The Eminent Viconia, Bloody Archer   Member3613141629618690217 209 days
9 Dragovich 66be4e0 The Renowned Dragovich, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3318345555-10000 229 days
10 Miguel Veloso 66be4f1 The Renowned Miguel Veloso, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3318795530-10000 229 days
11 Hacheridi 66be4cd The Renowned Hacheridi, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3318375617-10000 229 days
12 Danilo Silva 66be4c1 The Renowned Danilo Silva, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3318425532-10000 229 days
13 Yarmolenko 66be511 The Renowned Yarmolenko, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3318405918-10000 229 days
14 Moraes 66be51c The Renowned Moraes, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3318475375-10000 229 days
15 Antunes 66be4fb The Renowned Antunes, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3318415366-10000 229 days
16 Crazy d234a3 The Evil Emperor Crazy, Grandmaster Archer   Member3612214578-100596359 229 days
17 Pablo Escobare 170744a The Evil Emperor Pablo Escobare, Master Blacksmith   Member360306139501201598425 229 days
18 Infernal Magician 5893446 The Notable Infernal Magician, Grandmaster Scribe   Member3612745179337336 229 days
19 Paradise 5166d50 The Famed Paradise, Grandmaster Animal Tamer   Member3613156402356280165 229 days
20 York 308336d The Prominent York, Bloody Master   GuildMaster36148252567590174 21 days
21 Heisenberg 4a2091 The Prominent Heisenberg, Bloody Warrior   Member36145513364-920561 206 days
22 Dalhar  295d2b4 The Prominent Dalhar , Bloody Archer   Member36134754167-100042 206 days
23 Elring  2585688 The Notable Elring , Bloody Mage   Member36135381846-901238 206 days

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