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Alter Ego
Short Name: -A- Chapter: AoP Guildstone Type : Standart
Web : http://www.alterego.do.am Guildmaster : Kingpin 1373d52 Location: 4231,715,4
Alter Ego politic:
War:   Ellar     Xeth     Rise     Rain     =KoJ=     Spirit     =MeD=     Diver     HoE     ToS     FoD     Rage     Ungor     Gz     KE     SPQR     =BF=     CCCP     DiW     Evil     Ice     Blood     Narcos  
Alliance:   Narcos  
Alter Ego members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Lilu 179b376 The Illustrious Lilu, Wyrm's Hunter   Member3614825926784270240 8 days
2 FreeMan 21940b6 FreeMan, Grandmaster Mage   Member3612982759-921188 646 days
3 Lila Maggot 114b1be The Illustrious Lady Lila Maggot, Master Tinker   Member36141341289064150185 646 days
4 Araghorn 833ab3 Araghorn, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3613998414-1004390 709 days
5 RuDya c334 The Honorable RuDya, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3614378214342590156 197 days
6 Flerk 422829 The Murderer Flerk, Expert Bowyer   Member361265199992592222175 957 days
7 Lex bc03e6 The Famed Lex, Grandmaster Fisherman   Member3412074283250610193 646 days
8 VooDoo 1c05ef6 The Renowned VooDoo, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member35533325926-100091 1154 days
9 Ultra  23a0644 The Renowned Ultra , Master Blacksmith   Member35033136277-10002 646 days
10 Pushok 17fc30e The Evil Emperor Pushok, Grandmaster Archer   Member36118996327-49023747 239 days
11 GolD 17c72ff The Evil Dread Murderer GolD, Grandmaster Burglar   Member34113401742-1006620 239 days
12 hobbit 16fb513 The Murderer hobbit, Grandmaster Tinker   Member36022515407-541586 239 days
13 jj  3060de9 The Good jj , Master Scribe   Member3532931879353409 239 days
14 Alehan 7c45b Alehan, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3614825884-4560479 213 days
15 Shael 1ae25fb The Shael,   Member36133371173-949333 14 days
16 LoTHaR 45140bb The Admirable LoTHaR, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member361482543513159177 257 days
17 Hamann 6d3432 The Illustrious Hamann,   Member3614299581270420450 177 days
18 Antonio e26b0a The Murderer Antonio, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3614438222634004213221 148 days
19 Radiohead 13e4a8e The Evil Emperor Radiohead, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member36145163856-236615306 436 days
20 Lucifer 4640ca The Famed Lucifer, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3374825475992520788 75 days
21 Kingpin 1373d52 The Prominent Kingpin, Master Blacksmith   GuildMaster35936443699-100014 79 days

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