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Rise of Phoenix
Short Name: Rise Chapter: Risen from ashes Type : Standart
Web : http://www.risephoenix.3nx.ru/index.php Guildmaster : White Lies 552acb6 Location: 5765,3486,0
Rise of Phoenix politic:
War:   new     =KoJ=     Spirit     Diver     DiW     CCCP     FoD     B.o.G     Ungor     SoD     R.I.P.     Blood     =mma=     SPQR     SS     JoGa         Vsa     Xeth     Rasta     lw     Ellar     GoD     Rage     =MeD=     Gz     ToS     -A-     JaGG     Evil     Ice     Narcos  
Alliance:   Rain     =BF=  
Rise of Phoenix members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Master of Death 2a250e The Evil Emperor Master of Death, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member36142211783098071165 238 days
2 Rigiy+ 463bd44 The Good Rigiy+, Grandmaster Healer   Member35934895483474034 383 days
3 RAY 1cda1e8 The Reputable RAY, Forest Ranger   Member3503532289111410116 332 days
4 Dragga Burzub 46ae947 The Famed Dragga Burzub, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member361482539006764096 47 days
5 Jacqueline 4bf8300 The Respectable Jacqueline, [Ark] Darkbow   Member361315920051745062 323 days
6 Tariella 4fcf450 The Admirable Tariella, Master Blacksmith   Member36131504560465803 606 days
7 Mila  240d1a7 The Noble Mila , Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3614825667439540323 690 days
8 YANA 1ddf752 The Evil Emperor YANA, Blood Mage   Member36127911004-449124167 15 days
9 belka 52eac56 The Illustrious belka, Forest Ranger   Member361272876536644010 133 days
10 Sir.Ganji af12a9 The Illustrious Sir.Ganji, Flamed Warrior   Member3614035637970940239 133 days
11 Shelter 53e3543 The Illustrious Shelter, Forest Ranger   Member36132787080882903 182 days
12 BuTaMuH 776598 The Illustrious BuTaMuH, Forest Ranger   Member3613420527071380447 891 days
13 Jesus 49a07f3 The Evil Emperor Jesus, Blood Mage   Member36127184103-13122211 10 days
14 Donny 19c44cf The Notable Donny, Flamed Warrior   Member36147151566-2280104 668 days
15 Barney 619e697 The Honest Barney, Master Swordsman   Member33192018692603 182 days
16 Tommi 197bf91 Tommi, Flamed Warrior   Member343318611854344136 15 days
17 Kenny a39b55 The Honorable Kenny, Flamed Warrior   Member3614308175449470297 882 days
18 Kayli  2d6bb4f The Illustrious Lady Kayli , Forest Ranger   Member36135161206983930238 29 days
19 Angelina 11beba4 The Honest Angelina, Forest Ranger   Member36143081078701099 53 days
20 Jra 432cda5 The Honorable Jra, Evil Emperor   Member361475014353343071 67 days
21 Raivo 619e687 The Honest Raivo, Warden   Member33092419692600 182 days
22 Boris Britva 6202fb2 The Honest Boris Britva, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member33181319696603 182 days
23 Frankie Fix 6202fe3 The Honest Frankie Fix, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member33176119688803 182 days
24 AnnaMe 627f1e1 The Honest AnnaMe, Grandmaster Warrior   Member34594619692604 182 days
25 AnnaDe 627f1c9 The Famed AnnaDe, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member3378934119692605 182 days
26 Snumsnumrik 362072 The Evil Emperor Snumsnumrik, Warden   Member34431871246845178183 952 days
27 Barzul Knurlar 5a9238 The Honest Barzul Knurlar, Forest Ranger   Member36130923096832044 639 days
28 Noegyth Nibin 3dfc99e The Mass Murderer Noegyth Nibin, Blood Mage   Member36143061211-29384551 356 days
29 Victory 539d7dc The Illustrious Victory, Forest Ranger   Member35147505911932304online
30 Mia 14a8d24 The Evil Emperor Mia, Forest Ranger   Member3614040694-7971259381 15 days
31 Explorer 46c5bac The Illustrious Explorer, Flamed Warrior   Member3603874516864920104 19 days
32 Daytayna 47e2714 The Honest Daytayna, Forest Ranger   Member36141124266281049 48 days
33 Mark 5b7199e The Noble Lord Mark, Forest Ranger   Member361318211947343746 95 days
34 Sheyrena 6695bb3 Sheyrena, Blood Mage   Member36129981003-25803 95 days
35 White Lies 552acb6 The Evil Emperor White Lies, Phoenix   GuildMaster361482530902552159027 5 hours
36 Sonya 5050ff4 The Admirable Sonya, Grandmaster Alchemist   Member3613541490649100124 232 days
37 Silvana 450187c The Noble Silvana, Kutul Defender   Member356482568814828083 24 days
38 Garona 585d511 The Famed Garona, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member361393046845705048 3 hours
39 Dwayne 81330a The Evil Emperor Dwayne, Blood Mage   Member361419117444092337571 180 days
40 KAruk a42f28 The Illustrious KAruk, [K] Raider   Member3473153576859260694 116 days
41 Zayka c7b92e The Ignoble Zayka, [K] Air Force   Member36148253329-16531409 10 days
42 Tiffany 4f9bedb The Reputable Tiffany, Blood Mage   Member36123724384114005 1 hours
43 Ditmar  11bdb19 The Admirable Ditmar , Forest Ranger   Member3613591382328400616 7 days
44 Gabriel 4df2783 The Illustrious Gabriel, Flamed Warrior   Member348289759265926026 33 days
45 Betelgeuse 6b47aab The Honest Betelgeuse, Flamed Warrior   Member3613402735530200online
46 Terra 6bbde75 The Good Terra, Ward   Member341997285313200 118 days

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