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Ground Zero
Short Name: Gz Chapter: Type : Standart
Web : http://groundzero.at.ua Guildmaster : Kimbo Slice 59ea163 Location: 6105,3448,1
Ground Zero politic:
War:   Rain     Spirit     =MeD=     Diver     FoD     Rage     Ungor     Rise     SPQR     Xeth     HoE     Ellar     -A-     =BF=     ToS     JaGG     CCCP     Evil     Ice  
Alliance:   Xeth     HoE  
Ground Zero members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Brook  2bf4633 The Reputable Brook , Grandmaster Archer   Member36122753514923016 174 days
2 PontiuS  2b91c37 The Famed PontiuS , Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member361481028746446028 12 hours
3 Loot 69cc6e The Evil Emperor Loot, Grandmaster Archer   Member361307146843491992177 1051 days
4 Kimbo Slice 59ea163 The Notable Kimbo Slice, Grandmaster Blacksmith   GuildMaster34527762382-32217 9 days
5 Zloy 2ea0ff The Kind Zloy, Grandmaster Tinker   Member361277923418500145 756 days
6 Go Diva 5b5dab8 The Unsavory Go Diva, Master Archer   Member3581173839-137200 1135 days
7 fluxosphere 567cfe8 The Murderer fluxosphere, Master Scribe   Member36117171468-52063101 1317 days
8 Boec e4b95c The Prominent Boec, Grandmaster Archer   Member3612440261700268 966 days
9 Destiny 2766366 The Noble Destiny,   Member3534683725247960178 292 days
10 eMKa  3370937 The Evil Dread Murderer eMKa , Grandmaster Healer   Member3612392150005567152 19 days
11 felix 1c348e0 The Famed felix, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3604825364052690173 19 days
12 Domodar 440c944 The Prominent Domodar, Grandmaster Healer   Member361248635930018 1133 days
13 BagirA  2d37f20 The Notable BagirA , Grandmaster Mage   Member36121671391-100433 19 days
14 xavoc 5dce3ce The Renowned Lord xavoc, Grandmaster Healer   Member361233013646-56301 984 days
15 ID-HAVOC 18cbcdb The Renowned Lord ID-HAVOC, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member360289814556-100036 983 days
16 Respect 114f695 The Evil Emperor Respect, Grandmaster Mage   Member36133461668-462392544 695 days
17 cs.Forewe++ 200b9b8 The Evil Emperor cs.Forewe++, Grandmaster Animal Tamer   Member3613447442325412300368 67 days

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