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Short Name: Rain Chapter: Empire Type : Standart
Web : http://www.rainbow-guild.kiev.ua Guildmaster : NoisMaker 157754 Location: 5765,3485,2
Rainbow politic:
War:   =KoJ=     n.o.t     ROK     none     R.I.P.     =BF=     =CN=     SoD     lw     FoD     Acid     DiW     Blood     new     Ungor     B.o.G     -GD-     F.B.I.     SS     =mma=     Spirit     HoV     SPQR     JoGa         Vsa     Xeth     Rasta     Ellar     Rage     =MeD=     Gz     -A-     ToS     JaGG     Evil     Ice     Narcos     GoD  
Alliance:   Rise     =BF=  
Rainbow members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Funt f54f7b The Prominent Funt, [Soley] Mentor   Member3612836343500102 968 days
2 Kvarion 2a404e The Evil Emperor Kvarion, Orcs Krual   Member3604068959-1981230290 47 days
3 Rathrae Dos 4fde0af The Respectable Rathrae Dos, [A] Tesserarius>>   Member356467723831914072 67 days
4 Drug Zlogo e851e2 The Illustrious Drug Zlogo, Ethnarch   Member3484290548658330158 214 days
5 Edd af4caa The Evil Emperor Edd, [S] Member   Member3474167412030762150 827 days
6 Biostacis a36277 The Evil Emperor Biostacis, [S] Member   Member361352417540357322 827 days
7 NEMEC 1285fa4 The Illustrious NEMEC,   Member361283492359156087 588 days
8 Magik 10430fb The Illustrious Magik, [G] Treasurer   Member3614718643969260174 47 days
9 Woltram 1a9808e The Notable Woltram, [A] Tesserarius>   Member361482523171411328 166 days
10 Akula 3e77ae9 The Illustrious Akula, [A] Tesserarius>   Member3614825840988500146 229 days
11 Alpin 912c3b The Evil Emperor Alpin, [Ark] Darkbow   Member3613504367521526035569 255 days
12 dum 36702d The Evil Emperor dum, [Ark] Bloodmage   Member361437918156981415662 87 days
13 Lorraine 54bd294 The Prominent Lorraine,   Member36133402572-308017 73 days
14 Alexal 1cbd692 The Notable Alexal, [A] Milites   Member3613811176103132 229 days
15 TelKa 4f6be96 The Serial Killer TelKa, [G] Member   Member3614365124762029828 974 days
16 Spitfire 3624edd The Illustrious Spitfire, [F] Feldwebel   Member36136327935853809 857 days
17 Kanonir 1d25849 Kanonir, [A] Milites   Member3603784307-3740172 229 days
18 Vizzerdrix 74bf1 The Evil Emperor Vizzerdrix, [U] Member   Member36144371328-1331355194 592 days
19 Azagor 11969a5 The Respectable Azagor, [A] Milites   Member3443490223715240126 1057 days
20 UnreaL 590910 The Prominent UnreaL, [S] Member   Member36148252570-17270 518 days
21 DRED 3d15ff The Reputable DRED, [A] Optio   Member3443254263711220608 11 days
22 Chuck Norris c080d6 The Evil Emperor Chuck Norris, [A] Milites   Member36148251063-1100133970 626 days
23 Smith 179984 The Evil Emperor Smith, [A] Honorary Warrior   Member3613865586822261066378 42 days
24 PalacH e65bea The Evil Emperor PalacH, [Gharam] Mentor   Member343482519471484158582 25 days
25 RAY 1a56f1b The Prominent RAY, [K] Rider   Member361482528153040290 14 days
26 Dred 382aa5 The Dred, [A] Optio   Member3613425995-66431017 11 days
27 Mr.IrvinTi 11b4c83 The Admirable Mr.IrvinTi, [S] Member   Member3614825341934860163 52 days
28 Irvin 3e451dc The Notable Irvin, [S] Member   Member35318041805013 239 days
29 Omen 42c58f The Admirable Omen, [A] Tirones   Member3614725357027191360 621 days
30 Huginn d9249 The Evil Emperor Huginn, [U] Member   Member36136443686-31711395 305 days
31 Shadow King 1686eb The Admirable Shadow King, [Ark] Mentor   Member3533987317326320616 265 days
32 Roni 1736c14 The Illustrious Lord Roni, [A] Tesserarius>   Member36148251069678920105 40 days
33 Farin 42691e5 The Noble Lord Farin, [F] Feldwebel   Member3614237101572666044 29 days
34 Gesta 479e9f2 The Reputable Gesta, Grandmaster Healer   Member3611868248998224 645 days
35 Faire bf9f The Evil Emperor Faire, Grandmaster Alchemist   Member36138612416-1558263337 305 days
36 Lurtz 4655d9 The Eminent Lord Lurtz, [Flawiz] Mentor   Member36148251481119813609 3 days
37 Art Chaos a2b786 The Admirable Art Chaos, Monkey   Member3474648453648570848 67 days
38 Baltazar 34d2679 The Mass Murderer Baltazar, [K] Air Force   Member361482530992132164 48 days
39 Metall c582c The Illustrious Metall, [Liv] Mentor   Member3614825598269180325 229 days
40 u.f.o. c427 The Murderer u.f.o., [S] Member   Member36146284617-2963456180 1040 days
41 Dafi 2f97b9 The Admirable Dafi, [A] Tesserarius>   Member3514825296145340186online
42 Narvi 4e4fd3f The Illustrious Lady Narvi, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member361457515000837009online
43 Blondin  24189bd The Murderer Blondin , Grandmaster Alchemist   Member36138893366-31691024 362 days
44 Ricko c7f6 The Famed Ricko, [S] Member   Member3484441471566810388 47 days
45 Burning 3622292 The Disreputable Burning,   Member36148251610-6860188 97 days
46 Azaghal 5cf329 The Evil Emperor Azaghal, [A] Milites>   Member353451241002466174384 354 days
47 Amethyst 404bd67 The Noble Amethyst,   Member361382472053951062 160 days
48 NEMEC 241e268 The Admirable NEMEC,   Member3614444422429904208 216 days
49 Aress 34b8d2 The Honorable Aress, [A] Tesserarius>>   Member3614825249327550898 22 days
50 Volosu Nazad 3442816 The Serial Killer Volosu Nazad, [A] Tesserarius>>   Member36144011886709945 67 days
51 DesperadoS 52414a The Evil Emperor DesperadoS,   Member3614213330729953943350 272 days
52 Sani 2357f9 The Evil Emperor Sani,   Member3484523592624972869470 47 days
53 Kiano c471cc The Prominent Kiano, [F] Korporal   Member360425946431120603 122 days
54 Torin 671d45b The Famed Torin, **Raider   Member36130914016792608 63 days
55 Teggra 276642d The Good Teggra,   Member3614825109039710378 56 days
56 Mordor 88a645 The Evil Emperor Mordor, [A] Tesserarius>>>   Member3613949129432651123465 231 days
57 NoisMaker 157754 The Serial Killer NoisMaker, Orcs Krual   GuildMaster347481736558437462 40 days
58 Azerot 7fdaa3 The Honorable Azerot, [F] Infanterist   Member3614635224828650785 171 days

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