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Guardians of the darkness
Short Name: GoD Chapter: Hell on Earth Type : Standart
Web : http://god-aop.clan.su Guildmaster : Neerdaer e96fdf Location: 2985,622,0
Guardians of the darkness politic:
War:   Rage     Rise     SPQR     Rain     Spirit     Ellar     Narcos     =MeD=     FoD     CCCP     Blood     =BF=  
Alliance:   Ice  
Guardians of the darkness members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Neerdaer e96fdf The Noble Neerdaer, Grandmaster Blacksmith   GuildMaster3534825577245080507 21 hours
2 Aaron 4c0fe0c The Prominent Aaron, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member36348254347-1064 21 hours
3 Top 640dd1e The Honest Top, Grandmaster Swordsman   Member330737140690600 238 days
4 Mop 6412221 Mop, Master Swordsman   Member330735129-10000 238 days
5 Xop 6412272 The Honest Xop, Master Swordsman   Member33073572685601 238 days
6 Pop 640dd10 Pop, Master Swordsman   Member330732184-10000 238 days
7 Xop 6501a66 Xop, Master Swordsman   Member330165782-5900 238 days
8 Lop 650185f Lop, Master Swordsman   Member3301664154-10000 49 days
9 Mop 6501aa9 Mop, Master Swordsman   Member330163818-9801 238 days
10 Top 6505fb7 Top, Master Swordsman   Member33063019-10000 238 days
11 Player 6505ff7 Player, Master Swordsman   Member330626144-10000 238 days
12 didi 462907b didi, Grandmaster Archer   Member361868252-100038 230 days
13 dede 46290e4 dede,   Member361864677-76016 230 days
14 Gop 6386d05 Gop, Master Swordsman   Member341733278-10000 177 days
15 Lop 6386cf4 Lop, Master Swordsman   Member341727247-10000 238 days
16 lol 60fa2ab The Famed lol, Master Swordsman   Member3407063232692600 238 days
17 Lop 614ebfb Lop, Master Swordsman   Member330794854-10000 238 days
18 Gop 614e525 Gop, Master Swordsman   Member330808724-10000 238 days
19 Lol 618b0d6 The Notable Lol, Master Swordsman   Member3307421606-10000 238 days
20 Gop 62ac8d3 Gop, Master Swordsman   Member330707623-10000 238 days
21 Kop 60fa202 Kop, Master Swordsman   Member340707145-10000 238 days
22 SiD 36deb7 The Evil Emperor SiD, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member36143413056-12281922325 22 days
23 Enthir 5f49b9 The Admirable Enthir, OldWisp   Member3534825368644910320 43 hours
24 Floyd 4360ab7 The Illustrious Floyd, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3484576527759310100 16 days
25 Atlantida 13c358c The Prominent Atlantida, OldWisp   Member361269839191220667 5 hours
26 N.s.D 39c836 The Illustrious Lord N.s.D, Grandmaster Bowyer   Member36135771091269260566 49 days
27 Tyrio 693495a The Illustrious Tyrio, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member34531165734588707 2 days
28 Sadie 4e40d32 The Noble Sadie, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member361427787054277036 22 days
29 Vengeful Spirit a4b8a1 The Prominent Vengeful Spirit, Grandmaster Bowyer   Member3613475333410401531 177 days
30 Bloody Yogurt 7e8210 The Evil Emperor Bloody Yogurt, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member34543643709562708176online
31 ArtishocK 80f6b6 The Illustrious ArtishocK, Grandmaster Tinker   Member361353182089097020online
32 Akmya Shanugra 565c9e2 The Noble Lady Akmya Shanugra, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3614679102484813028 4 days

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