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Short Name: Rage Chapter: Never Surrender Type : Standart
Web : http://rage-guild.3dn.ru Guildmaster : Seregasuperstar+ 501ee0e Location: 5494,3460,39
Rage politic:
War:   =KoJ=     Rain     GoD     Spirit     Diver     HoE     FoD     Ungor     SPQR     Xeth     Rise     Ellar     JaGG     =MeD=     Gz     -A-     ToS     =BF=     CCCP     DiW     Evil     Ice     Narcos     Blood  
Alliance:   Ellar  
Rage members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Tanta Hornblower e9eec7 The Renowned Lady Tanta Hornblower, rip   Member3613574103744720650 1311 days
2 Nigga 357ffdb The Dishonorable Nigga,   Member36128871256-2354499 1311 days
3 Odesey 442497e Odesey,   Member361275710-39060 1313 days
4 Seregasuperstar+ 501ee0e The Serial Killer Seregasuperstar+, Guildmaster   GuildMaster36125351566-3083953 7 days
5 Gnom 3d6b214 The Eminent Gnom,   Member3534825653822613239 1311 days
6 Dark 17ca597 The Noble Dark,   Member3614749583336580453 444 days
7 Aid 21bd84a The Reputable Aid,   Member361264315401176094 1032 days
8 Dixy  30483ed The Evil Emperor Dixy ,   Member36131863031-4501195306 978 days
9 Artas 147c656 The Notable Artas,   Member361368924062320265 978 days
10 Gunless 1180a66 The Prominent Gunless,   Member36119483779-100052 1151 days
11 Decables 11ee020 The Evil Emperor Decables,   Member361446911320-2352402386 978 days
12 Faithless 4c3532 The Evil Emperor Faithless,   Member36128011077814281376399 65 days
13 Amelia 501edf4 The Renowned Amelia,   Member36141616190-100041 893 days
14 Kain c733 The Renowned Kain,   Member36144225591-1230560 283 days
15 Allah 473a3e7 The Illustrious Allah, Akbar   Member350482458996208076 239 days
16 TBaPb fc8b9a The Murderer TBaPb, A*y*E ]I[u3Hb BopaM   Member36128892377-876799136 437 days
17 Faifer f5c7bd The Evil Emperor Faifer,   Member36048253700250583069 197 days
18 Knopka 1369fa1 The Evil Emperor Knopka,   Member36043114626112518071 197 days

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