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Short Name: Rage Chapter: Never Surrender Type : Standart
Web : http://rage-guild.3dn.ru Guildmaster : Seregasuperstar+ 501ee0e Location: 5494,3460,39
Rage politic:
War:   =KoJ=     Rain     GoD     Spirit     Diver     HoE     FoD     Ungor     SPQR     Xeth     Rise     Ellar     JaGG     =MeD=     Gz     -A-     ToS     =BF=     CCCP     DiW     Evil     Ice     Narcos     Blood  
Alliance:   Ellar  
Rage members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 Tanta Hornblower e9eec7 The Renowned Lady Tanta Hornblower, rip   Member3613574103744720650 1250 days
2 Nigga 357ffdb The Dishonorable Nigga,   Member36128871256-2354499 1250 days
3 Odesey 442497e Odesey,   Member361275710-39060 1252 days
4 Seregasuperstar+ 501ee0e The Murderer Seregasuperstar+, Guildmaster   GuildMaster36125351734-3083953 79 days
5 Gnom 3d6b214 The Eminent Gnom,   Member3534825653822613239 1250 days
6 Dark 17ca597 The Noble Dark,   Member3614749583336580453 384 days
7 Laura Grubb 4d514e6 The Illustrious Lady Laura Grubb, Ariael   Member36148241686291380224 20 days
8 Aid 21bd84a The Reputable Aid,   Member361264315401176094 971 days
9 Dixy  30483ed The Evil Emperor Dixy ,   Member36131863031-4501195306 918 days
10 Artas 147c656 The Notable Artas,   Member361368924062320265 918 days
11 Gunless 1180a66 The Prominent Gunless,   Member36119483779-100052 1090 days
12 Decables 11ee020 The Evil Emperor Decables,   Member361446911320-2352402386 918 days
13 Faithless 4c3532 The Evil Emperor Faithless,   Member36128011077814281376399 5 days
14 Amelia 501edf4 The Renowned Amelia,   Member36141616190-100041 832 days
15 Kain c733 The Renowned Kain,   Member36144225591-1230560 222 days
16 Omniknight 6776bc7 The Honorable Omniknight, Expert Blacksmith   Member36123071572360005 234 days
17 Allah 473a3e7 The Illustrious Allah, Akbar   Member350482458996208076 178 days
18 TBaPb fc8b9a The Murderer TBaPb, A*y*E ]I[u3Hb BopaM   Member36128892377-876799136 377 days
19 Faifer f5c7bd The Evil Emperor Faifer,   Member36048253700250583069 136 days
20 Knopka 1369fa1 The Evil Emperor Knopka,   Member36043114626112518071 136 days
21 Vhaeraun 17dfb3b The Illustrious Vhaeraun, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3614623517957180364 55 days
22 Shark 6017cca The Illustrious Lady Shark, Grandmaster Blacksmith   Member3614825118865371035 3 days

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