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Thieves of a Shadow
Short Name: ToS Chapter: AoP Guildstone Type : Standart
Web : http://guildaliance.6te.net/tos.html Guildmaster : LIHACHTETAN dc7b6e Location: 6008,2920,27
Thieves of a Shadow politic:
War:   Xeth     Spirit     Ellar     =MeD=     Rise     -A-     Rain     FoD     Rage     =BF=     Gz     HoE     Ungor     SPQR     Evil     Ice     CCCP  
Alliance:   FoD     Spirit     Xeth     HoE  
Thieves of a Shadow members:
N Name Name & TitleStatus SStat SSkill Fame Karma Kills Death Visit
1 LIHACHTETAN dc7b6e The Commendable LIHACHTETAN, Guildmaster   GuildMaster3614716232064150368 7 days
2 UndisputeD 5dfcf6e The Honest UndisputeD, old Guildmaster   Member361158119696601 705 days
3 Hurly 5d5a356 The Commendable Hurly, Macros   Member36123391792667401 705 days
4 Kill Me Softly  248531c The Commendable Kill Me Softly , Grandmaster Warrior   Member361249516365893015 17 days
5 LocDog 4f218bc The Admirable LocDog, -Avenger From Hell-   Member361301435164962026 199 days
6 genesis 5f1f480 The Reputable genesis,   Member36124731454115501 952 days
7 LittleRambo 60fe205 The Good LittleRambo, -*Shadow Dancer*-   Member3611712367270911 199 days
8 Skiningman 612636f The Famed Skiningman,   Member3378924244614600 6 days
9 tanto 5f1fc83 The Reputable tanto,   Member34524612167115101 952 days
10 LIHA 20c2b40 The Commendable LIHA, Grandmaster Fisherman   Member340232824975428015 8 days
11 LIHACH dc9c2d The Honorable LIHACH,   Member3573913129840760152 11 days
12 Spy  2b7d22e The Admirable Spy ,   Member36020313342465302 847 days
13 BooMchik 5c70c6 The Famed BooMchik,   Member3483686279960170857 235 days
14 Resurector 724aac The Illustrious Lord Resurector, Grandmaster Alchemist   Member36129221324992670715 797 days
15 IDIAMIN 418114f The Serial Killer IDIAMIN, Grandmaster Alchemist   Member308344023622714638 382 days
16 XoCe 4f2a506 The Renowned XoCe, Grandmaster Healer   Member36117159955-100027 70 days
17 Klara Hummel 3c42cd0 The Commendable Klara Hummel, Grandmaster Tinker   Member36131592163836409 15 days
18 robocop 67d62ca The Honest robocop, Adept Healer   Member3401084380633100 10 days
19 tratata 67e12d7 The Commendable tratata, Adept Healer   Member34010852265587400 10 days
20 Stela 566366e Stela, Grandmaster Archer   Member361721604-9007 2 days

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